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We believe strongly that a major contributing factor of emotional well-being is physical health. Residents are encouraged to participate in as much physical activity as possible. Regular outings to the local pool, school gymnasium, local gym, rock climbing, trampoline centers and recreational parks and more are a major component of our over-all program. Outdoor camping and downhill skiing are also seasonal components of the program. Children are also encouraged to participate in a recreational activity of their own independent of the house; this could include creative activities such as piano or guitar lessons. Residents are encouraged to be involved not only in an activity they are familiar with but also to experiment and try activities new to them. Arts and crafts within the house will be encouraged as a creative activity and will also be used as a therapeutic tool in individual and group interactions.

As TYRS accepts placements from a variety of geographical locations, all efforts are in place to ensure that cultural sensitivities are recognized and attempts are made to ensure that each youth placed within TYRS homes is offered the opportunity to continue to practice beliefs appropriate to their heritage. TYRS supports youth in their cultural heritage through participation in community resources and cultural groups. Youth are also supported in participating in sharing their culture in the residences through cooking food, sharing activities, language and elements of their own heritage. Special dietary requirements and cultural food items are incorporated into the menus of the residence.

Each youth creates a ‘life book’ which depicts and tells the story of their own connection to their family and roots. Youth are encouraged to learn more about the elements of their own culture, family and background through the completion of activities and worksheets. At times, this can bring up various emotions for the youth which offers a springboard for treatment in the moment and goals can be brought forward to be worked on with the youth.

TYRS has and continues to recruit and operate several foster homes with families from diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnic heritage so as to continue to meet the needs of the youth arriving in care.

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