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Terrace Wellness offers services by a range of experience and qualified registered psychotherapists and social workers of varying specializations. We hope to ultimately provide an all-inclusive approach to therapy.


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Terrace Therapist: Jennifer Thake

Jennifer Thake


Jennifer's academic training includes a Master’s in Counselling from the University of Ottawa. Jennifer also has a Master’s and PhD in empirical health psychology at Carleton University, where she has taught for the past 10 years. Her academic years provided her with an in-depth understanding of how well-being is greatly dependent upon the health of the mind, body and spirit.

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Terrace Therapist: Kristen Marsh

Kristen Marsh

B.Ed, M.Ed, RP

When we experience adversity, it is not uncommon to feel like life is coming apart at the seams. Even basic tasks can seem unbearable to face and reaching out is hard to do. With 8 years experience in the field of Mental Health, Kristen aims to create a counselling relationship that is client-centered, empathic, and respectful. Kristen believes in the inherent strength of individuals and families to identify needs, solve problems, and process emotions in order to move towards personal growth and bring about desired change. Kristen is the Clinician for Terrace Residential Services.

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Terrace Therapist: Krisha Séguin

Krisha Séguin


When we have suffered over a long period of time without much support or compassion, we come to rely on certain ways of being and relating that keep us safe but isolated from ourselves and those we love. This is normal considering what we have experienced. Trauma and lack of early nurturing skew our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Neither can be trusted, and this determines how we are in relationship within and with others. At the core of all of this is our longing to be in nurturing relationships because the need to feel loved, wanted, and accepted are so innate in us.

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Terrace Therapist: Jordan Houlton

Jordan Houlton

M.Ed, RP(Q), CCC

Jordan Houlton is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, holding a Masters in Counselling Psychology (M.Ed), and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed). Jordan began working with youth in 2009 as an elementary and middle school teacher. He quickly found his connection with youth was more about well being, and supporting his students through the ups and downs of life. Jordan soon transitioned to psychotherapy and began practicing play therapy. Play is to kids what talk is to adults. Kids can often act, play, draw what's on their minds easier than talking face-to-face. Jordan believes in the natural growth of the child, and often as adults the best thing we can do is facilitate and nurture this development in a warm and supportive environment.

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Terrace Therapist: Rachael Riethman

Rachael Riethman

MA Intern

Rachael is a Masters level intern student from Yorkville University. She has completed her course work and has joined Terrace Wellness Center to gain clinical experience. Rachael is supervised by Robyn Plane, MA, RP, CCC, a registered psychotherapist. She is available to provide low cost counselling to individuals for general mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, school difficulties, and self-esteem. Rachael has 14 year’s experience working in the autism field and is able to provide counselling for families experiencing the affects of autism.

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Terrace Therapist: Lee-Anne Boucher

Lee-Anne Boucher


Masters in Psychotherapy, Counseling and Spirituality, Registered Social Worker, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology), Social Service Worker, Child and Youth Worker. My formal counseling training is in Attachment theory, Family systems, Emotion Focused, Humanistic / Existential, Behavioral and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She has worked with children, youth and families for over 23 years in the field of education, social service agencies and residential homes. She has her own private practice that works with individuals, couples and families.

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Terrace Therapist: Robyn Plane

Robyn Plane


Robyn has worked in the mental health profession for over 10 years, beginning his career as a behavioural therapist working with families and children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. He has worked in both institutional and private settings with individuals and families, providing support individually, at home and in the school environment.

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